National Health Food stores & why they do not help us.

Good morning

Yesterday I had a conversation with a lovley couple who came to the shop,  their mother has been using CBD from a National High Street Health Food Shop (no names) and when they went back and mentioned that it wasn’t working they were told she needs the full dose to be effective (full dose advised at 10 drops and she’s taking 5).

Now whilst I’d never want to put down another company, that’s just not my thing, this kind of advice really doesn’t help CBD companies like us.

Shops who sell a huge variety of products and a small range of CBD are only able to tell you what they’ve been advised and to most effect, it’s wrong.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ with CBD,  the strength, dose & frequency that it’s needed varies per person,  most people are advised to start of or buy the strongest oil, again this isn’t the case.  70% of CBD users find lower doses more effective.

There is a science behind taking CBD, we have a biological system built specifically for it and overloading it with Strong CBD or low quality CBD can have repercussions,  the ECS system can completely refuse to accept CBD, leading people to think it doesn’t work, it can enhance the symptoms you are trying to resolve, again leaving you thinking it doesn’t work or it can use what it needs and waste the rest which is effectively money down the toilet.

 If you’d like CBD advise from an expert please contact us,  My knowledge is backed by science,  I have a diploma in Medicinal Cannabis & CBD Oil, I am registered with the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) and have been researching & using CBD since 2018 and have tried many different brands,  i have a personal journey with CBD, it has changed my life and whilst everyone is different, benefits in different ways and I would never make any medical claims nor advise you what it will do for you I am more than happy to share my journey with you and help you to choose the best products to start your journey.

I also love educating people about CBD so if you’d like to know more without feeling the need to purchase please ask away.

One last mention, if you’ve looked into CBD you’ll be aware of how expensive it is, how many low quality brands they’ve are or how long it lasts.  Our products are on average 70% less than other brands,  all are top quality, manufactured in the UK and quality controlled by myself and unlike most oils our bottles are 30ml and we expect you to need around one bottle every 2 Months or so.

We also sell many other CBD products in store or online.

Have a lovely day and please don’t be afraid to ask, there are no silly question, only ones that need answering.  💚💚