Would you pay £100 a Bottle?

A lovely man has been to the shop this week, No personal details are ever shared so all I’ll say he’s desperate for help, We spoke about the various methods of taking CBD, He told me he’s been considering it for a while but can’t manage any longer and wants to try it. I explained how the oils work, for example starting off on a low dose, building up and being consistent so that your Endocannabinoid system (ECS) works in harmony with CBD and isn’t overloaded too soon, which can lead to rejection of CBD or even enhance the symptoms and he said he’d like to go for the stronger beginner oil, 1200mg (30ml bottle).

He looked apprehensive as he took out his wallet and asked me how much, I took the opportunity to ask how much he expected it to be to which he replied £100, I quickly told him that he could get 4 bottles for that (£24.95 each). I had an overwhelming felling of sadness that he was prepared to pay £100 just for some relief.

The moral of this story is no matter how hard running a business can be and how little time I have for myself (what happens behind the scene’s is a whole other level) the sole purpose of building this business is so that people who need help from CBD can get it without paying ridiculous prices just to get some relief.

Little things like these give me a huge sense of wellbeing and I’ll continue to spread the word that CBD can be both affordable and good quality and you do not have to compromise on either.

So my question is would you pay £100 for a bottle of CBD that does the same as a £25 bottle? I know I wouldn’t and neither should you.

Cool off with this CBD Slush recipe

Phew……….It’s getting hot. Why not try our CBD Slush Recipe (Alcoholic or Non, you decide)

We’ve put together a delicious, easy to make CBD Slush Recipe. Why not give it a go this Summer.


* 1 Can CBD Soft drink (of choice we recommend Passionfruit & Pomelo) £1.95 per can or 6 for £10.95

* 1/4 a Glass of Crushed Ice

* Frozen Fruit of choice

* Vodka/Spirit of choice (Optional)


Pour Soft drink into a plastic jug & pop in the freezer for 45 minutes or so (until the Liquid is just starting to freeze)

Remove from Freezer and stir in a handful of Frozen Fruit and Vodka, Any spirit can be used (we’ll leave the quantity for you to choose) If you prefer not to add alcohol just leave this out or add a teaspoon of flavoured syrup to replace.

Pour in a tall glass over crushed Ice, Top with some more frozen fruit or a sprig of Mint, A fancy umbrella and Voila, For an extra treat why not sugar the rim of the glass.

Maybe a simple G&T is your thing, We have CBD infused Light Tonic water that is delicious mixed with Gin. £1.95 each or 3 for £5

All that’s left to do is Sit back and enjoy.

Our Soft Drink Range can be found here

Illegal CBD Sellers

Info post (a long read but well worth it)

❌❌Please be cautious where you buy CBD❌❌

Just because CBD is legal doesn’t mean any Joe Bloggs can buy Cannabis plants, infuse them in vegetable oil & sell them as CBD.

We have strict regulations to stick to and when Joe uses plants to make CBD oil he’s still breaking the law as are the people who are growing the plants, Joe simply cannot legally buy them in their flowering state or from an unlicensed grower.

CBD oils must be made with extracts from Industrial Hemp that is grown by EU Licensed Hemp Farmers,  These plants are not legally available to buy in their plant form.

These payment providers don’t allow CBD payments so if he’s asking for payment using these he’s doing it illegally

Square, stripe, Sum up, PayPal, Amazon pay, transfer to a private bank account (non business)

The medical claims he makes are not allowed and if he tells you it’s legal quite frankly he’s lying,  or in a nice way bending the truth & rules to suit him & take advantage of vulnerable people looking for a ‘cure’.   

Many will quote that the Oil is legal and free from THC as the plant is below 0.2% THC but this alone doesn’t make it legal.

Also when taking CBD it’s extremely important to know what quantity you are taking in Milligrams,  when buying oil from Joe he cannot have lab reports on the plants, this means he has no idea how many milligrams his Oil is and you have no way of knowing how much you are taking,  This is something you really do need to know (you can take too much) 

CBD doesn’t cure, it’s a tool to help us manage our conditions, it doesn’t turn us into superhero’s more into someone who’s in tune with their body and knows that while CBD can help them manage and do amazing things they still need to listen to their body.  Anyone who claims it is a cure is quite frankly a disgrace! 

We & other reputable CBD retailers work hard to be compliant, please do your research and speak to a specialist CBD company.  Please be cautious putting your trust in anyone who makes CBD in their kitchen, claims it’s legal and tells you what it will help with medically but cannot tell you/prove how many milligrams of CBD is in their oil, has no legitimate payment options, website, email, lab reports or any way to show you that what you are buying is legitimate and who’s information that can be viewed publicly on social media or other channels is sketchy at most and who’s reply to your public questions/comments is “I’ll message you”.  If you’ve nothing to hide why the need to private message? 

Quite simply Joe is selling CBD illegally and you are buying it illegally,  in this form it is classed as a controlled narcotic and you will risk a police record by being in possession of it,  just because it’s an oil doesn’t mean the police won’t prosecute (and they do!)

We are passionate about CBD and as much as we are a business we are here to help educate about CBD & work to overcome the stigma of CBD which isn’t helped by these underground Cannabis oil sellers!

We are on hand to give any advise needed,  we can be contacted by Messenger, WhatsApp, Live Chat (website), Instagram or email.

All of our contact options are here ⤵️⤵️, and remember there are no silly questions, only ones that we want to answer 💚

Please share and help us to ‘weed’ out these people and educate others about CBD

Thanks for reading.  

National Health Food stores & why they do not help us.

Good morning

Yesterday I had a conversation with a lovley couple who came to the shop,  their mother has been using CBD from a National High Street Health Food Shop (no names) and when they went back and mentioned that it wasn’t working they were told she needs the full dose to be effective (full dose advised at 10 drops and she’s taking 5).

Now whilst I’d never want to put down another company, that’s just not my thing, this kind of advice really doesn’t help CBD companies like us.

Shops who sell a huge variety of products and a small range of CBD are only able to tell you what they’ve been advised and to most effect, it’s wrong.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ with CBD,  the strength, dose & frequency that it’s needed varies per person,  most people are advised to start of or buy the strongest oil, again this isn’t the case.  70% of CBD users find lower doses more effective.

There is a science behind taking CBD, we have a biological system built specifically for it and overloading it with Strong CBD or low quality CBD can have repercussions,  the ECS system can completely refuse to accept CBD, leading people to think it doesn’t work, it can enhance the symptoms you are trying to resolve, again leaving you thinking it doesn’t work or it can use what it needs and waste the rest which is effectively money down the toilet.

 If you’d like CBD advise from an expert please contact us,  My knowledge is backed by science,  I have a diploma in Medicinal Cannabis & CBD Oil, I am registered with the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) and have been researching & using CBD since 2018 and have tried many different brands,  i have a personal journey with CBD, it has changed my life and whilst everyone is different, benefits in different ways and I would never make any medical claims nor advise you what it will do for you I am more than happy to share my journey with you and help you to choose the best products to start your journey.

I also love educating people about CBD so if you’d like to know more without feeling the need to purchase please ask away.

One last mention, if you’ve looked into CBD you’ll be aware of how expensive it is, how many low quality brands they’ve are or how long it lasts.  Our products are on average 70% less than other brands,  all are top quality, manufactured in the UK and quality controlled by myself and unlike most oils our bottles are 30ml and we expect you to need around one bottle every 2 Months or so.

We also sell many other CBD products in store or online.

Have a lovely day and please don’t be afraid to ask, there are no silly question, only ones that need answering.  💚💚

Tree planting & reducing our carbon footprint.

At Nature’s Medic CBD we are committed to being as Eco friendly as possible and are always working hard to reduce our carbon footprint. We are working with more:trees to plant as many trees as possible.

more:trees are currently planting in Madagascar, Haiti & Kenya. We have signed up to plant trees monthly in all 3 locations.

Would you like to plant your own tree? For just £1 you can plant a tree in one of these locations (location chosen by more:tree). Please see the option to add a Tree in checkout or at the till if shopping in store.

If you’d like to view our virtual forest please Click here: https://moretrees.eco/forest/naturesmediccbd

If you’d like to know more about more:trees or plant your own tree with them please Click here https://moretrees.eco/

BUSTED – Common CBD myths busted

Common CBD Myths, removing the stigma.

❌CBD is Illegal✅CBD must be produced by EU certified manufacturers under strict laws and guidelines, this is Legal to buy, sell and use in the UK & EU

❌Too Expensive✅CBD doesn’t need to be expensive, there are sellers who overcharge however there’s no need, we believe CBD should be affordable and sustainable long term and we will never overcharge, we have a range to suit every budget.

❌Low price = Low Quality✅Low prices do not have to mean low quality, there are companies who sell low quality products, our products are not mass produced, we manufacture them ourselves in our GMP facility and each small batch is hand made using the finest quality ingredients meaning we can guarantee the quality of each and every item.

❌I don’t want to get high✅CBD manufactured to EU GMP must contain less than 0.2% THC, Psychoactive’s are what give you highs and lows, paranoia & the need to eat, in Legal CBD the psychoactive’s are either zero (product depending)or so low that they cannot give these effects, all the good stuff, none of the bad ????

❌I need Substance Screening✅If substance testing is required due to your job, sports, activities or any other reason choose a Broad Spectrum or pure CBD/CBG product, your result will be zero.

❌It’s a drug✅Marijuana is a drug, Cannabis grown for CBD use is grown in a different way to Marijuana, under strict guidelines only EU certified growers can produce this, they ensure the THC is lower than 0.2% and have strict rules to follow, CBD is not a drug, it’s been used by our ancestors for medical use for thousands of years and while due to its class medical claims cannot be made we believe it’s losing the stigma it’s been given by Marijuana being used as a recreational drug, making its name and emerging as an incredible natural alternative to modern condition management.

❌It’s synthetic, not natural✅Cannabis is a natural plant, we have a whole biological system called Endocannabinoid which is dedicated to working in harmony with CBD, this system is in effect dormant until we give it CBD and wake it up, we have CB receptors all over our body including in our brain and central nervous system, different products activate different receptors which is why most people find a combination of products benefit them in different ways. Edible products and topical products all have different benefits & uses, edibles activate receptors all over the body while topical give targeted benefits where used.

❌It doesn’t work for me.✅It’s true, CBD doesn’t work for everyone however this number is very low, if you’ve tried CBD and haven’t felt the benefits you expect there can be many reasons, low quality, wrong product for you, too weak, too strong, going straight in with the strongest product can overload your dormant endocannabinoid system which can either have no effect, waste in needed product (effectively money down the loo) or even worse it can have the opposite effect and enhance the very symptoms you are trying to alleviate. Finding your harmony with CBD is trial and error which is why’ve offer samples of some products. We can help with the correct way to introduce CBD so If CBD is something you would like to try please contact us, we are more than happy to help ????