Cool off with this CBD Slush recipe

Phew……….It’s getting hot. Why not try our CBD Slush Recipe (Alcoholic or Non, you decide)

We’ve put together a delicious, easy to make CBD Slush Recipe. Why not give it a go this Summer.


* 1 Can CBD Soft drink (of choice we recommend Passionfruit & Pomelo) £1.95 per can or 6 for £10.95

* 1/4 a Glass of Crushed Ice

* Frozen Fruit of choice

* Vodka/Spirit of choice (Optional)


Pour Soft drink into a plastic jug & pop in the freezer for 45 minutes or so (until the Liquid is just starting to freeze)

Remove from Freezer and stir in a handful of Frozen Fruit and Vodka, Any spirit can be used (we’ll leave the quantity for you to choose) If you prefer not to add alcohol just leave this out or add a teaspoon of flavoured syrup to replace.

Pour in a tall glass over crushed Ice, Top with some more frozen fruit or a sprig of Mint, A fancy umbrella and Voila, For an extra treat why not sugar the rim of the glass.

Maybe a simple G&T is your thing, We have CBD infused Light Tonic water that is delicious mixed with Gin. £1.95 each or 3 for £5

All that’s left to do is Sit back and enjoy.

Our Soft Drink Range can be found here