Would you pay £100 a Bottle?

A lovely man has been to the shop this week, No personal details are ever shared so all I’ll say he’s desperate for help, We spoke about the various methods of taking CBD, He told me he’s been considering it for a while but can’t manage any longer and wants to try it. I explained how the oils work, for example starting off on a low dose, building up and being consistent so that your Endocannabinoid system (ECS) works in harmony with CBD and isn’t overloaded too soon, which can lead to rejection of CBD or even enhance the symptoms and he said he’d like to go for the stronger beginner oil, 1200mg (30ml bottle).

He looked apprehensive as he took out his wallet and asked me how much, I took the opportunity to ask how much he expected it to be to which he replied £100, I quickly told him that he could get 4 bottles for that (£24.95 each). I had an overwhelming felling of sadness that he was prepared to pay £100 just for some relief.

The moral of this story is no matter how hard running a business can be and how little time I have for myself (what happens behind the scene’s is a whole other level) the sole purpose of building this business is so that people who need help from CBD can get it without paying ridiculous prices just to get some relief.

Little things like these give me a huge sense of wellbeing and I’ll continue to spread the word that CBD can be both affordable and good quality and you do not have to compromise on either.

So my question is would you pay £100 for a bottle of CBD that does the same as a £25 bottle? I know I wouldn’t and neither should you.