What is CBD, is it Legal and will it get me high?

These questions I am asked often, Hopefully I’ll be able to reassure you but first let me give you a bit of our background.

We are CBD specialists, a family company established in 2019, After being CBD users since 2018 and realising how incredible but also how expensive it is we decided to put a stop to this.   CBD is available in most places now but after years of research and testing we found that you either pay a fortune or sacrifice quality for price.  We are not happy about this nor do we accept it.   We believe CBD is something that people need, why should they then have to suffer any of the above?  We only sell Nature’s Medic CBD branded products, Months of research & testing goes into every product.  Each product is Manufactured by us or for us in small batches and we can guarantee the quality of each item.  In addition to my years of research & testing I have a Diploma in Medicinal Cannabis & CBD Oil and whilst as a retailer of CBD I am not legally allowed to advise any medical benefits, I believe these points mean I am well placed to recommend the best products, at the most cost effective price.

  • What is the difference between Legal and Illegal Cannabis?  CBD became legal in the UK in 2015.  Both are derived from the Cannabis plant which has been around and used for centuries, long before it picked up the stigma of being an illegal narcotic
  • Illegal Cannabis is often known as Marijuana, when grown legally, only by a licenced Hemp farm under EU legislation it is known as EU approved Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa). 
    The plant must contain less than 02% THC and each product for sale must contain less than 1mg of THC per container, regardless of the container size. 
    There is a misconception that as long as the product contains less than 0.2% THC its legal.  This simply isn’t correct and products must conform to the container size quantity too.   Full Spectrum CBD must also comply to this rule which is why we do not sell Full Spectrum Oil, 1mg per container simply isn’t worth having.  Be cautious of any product being advertised as Full Spectrum and THC free, this isn’t possible. Full spectrum contains a full range of cannabinoids (including THC ) Broad spectrum contains a broad range (Zero THC). THC and other controlled cannabinoids are not limited or removed from Marijuana therefore making it a controlled (Illegal) drug.   CBD became legal in the UK in 2015
  • Will I get High?  The simple answer is No.  Legal CBD products will not get you high, in fact you’ll notice no difference when you first take it, the effects are gradual as you build up but will never feel High, it generally takes around a 3mg dose of THC to feel high, given that Full Spectrum contains less than 1mg per container and Broad spectrum is THC Free, High is something you will never feel. 
  • Is it legal?  Yes, with conditions.  In 2019 the FSA classified CBD as a food supplement, all CBD manufacturers & retailers must comply with the regulations set out in the Novel Food Authorisation along with the Home Office regulations regarding EU approved Industrial Hemp.   Anyone who is non complaint will find their products removed from sale by Trading Standards.
  • I’ve tried it and it didn’t work.  Firstly, CBD doesn’t work for some people, however this number is low, less than 1%, Most people find the reason they didn’t feel the effect they expected is due to how they used it.    Our body has a biological system called the Endocannabinoid or ECS, this is designed to work in harmony with CBD.   When you first begin taking CBD the most effective way to awaken your ECS system to CBD is by starting off on a low dose and building up slowly.  Using a high strength oil as your first oil is not recommended.  Your ECS system can reject the oil completely, meaning you’ll feel no effect at all, it can waste what it doesn’t use but more often than not you will overload it and this can increase the very symptoms you are looking to treat.    Most people find that lower doses of CBD are more beneficial long term so by taking a high dose that your body may waste is not cost effective.   We recommend all beginners start on a low dose oil, just 2 drops per day, building up slowly.  Our starter oils are 600mg priced at £21.95 or 1200mg priced at £24.95.  They contain 30ml of oil (approx 600 drops) As you can see, quality CBD doesn’t need to be expensive.  In addition to this anyone who’s tried CBD that is black, thick & tar like and tastes like soil will be relieved to know that our CBD is clear, odourless and virtually tasteless, As Daily CBD users ourselves this is something we insisted on when formulating our oil. 

Fun Fact:  Did you know that the first proven evidence of CBD use dates back over 10 thousand years to Japan where Hemp is believed to be the first ever cultivated plant.   During the 5th Millennium BC, the Chinese used Hemp to make clothes, paper & shoes.  Hemp was introduced to the UK around the 17th century by Irish doctor William O’Shaughnessy and there are records of Hemp being written about by academics & herbalist who rave about it’s pain relieving & anti-inflammatory properties and until the 1820’s 80% of all textiles were made from Hemp including bed sheets, clothes, lines & drapes.

Did you know:   Anything made from plastic & fibre can be made from Hemp.  Just 1 acre of Hemp produces the same amount of Cellulose fibre used to make paper & fabrics as 4 acres of Trees, Hemp is ready to be used in just 60 days compared to 50-100 years for a tree.  Hemp plants are drought tolerant and needs 4x less water to thrive than cotton, in fact one single acre of Hemp will product as much fibre as 3 acres of cotton.  Every hemp plant could save 12 trees, how incredible would that be for our planet!

Fun Fact:  Alice in wonderland was originally printed on Hemp paper.

In 2018 Medicinal Cannabis became available on NHS prescription.   We are working hard to raise awareness of CBD and show everyone that this once frowned upon, wonderful plant has amazing properties to give and no longer needs to live under the Stigma of Illegal Cannabis.  One thing’s for sure, we are at the tip of the Iceberg as far as CBD is concerned and we have amazing things to come.